So who are banana and louie? That would be telling. One of them is banana. The other one is loiue. That’s all you need to know right now.

Who are A Little Orchestra? A small, London-based pop orchestra led by Monster Bobby of The Pipettes. They formed in February 2010 and have around 10-15 members. They play a variety of instruments including violin, viola, bassoon, trombone, trumpet, clarinet and flute..both modern, minimalist classical pieces and original compositions, and also enjoy accompanying bands. Since they formed last year, they have collaborated with a range of indiepop singers, including Darren Hayman, The Pipettes, Elizabeth from Allo Darlin’, Pocketbooks, Shirley Lee of Spearmint and The Loves.

So what’s the plan? banana and louie have finished recording the demos for the album. The album works as a series of inter-linked songs that will hopefully come together as something like one piece. The tracks are being arranged by ALO and banana and louie, with Kenny from ALO scoring many of the parts.

Recording starts in November at Studio Klank and the album will be released next year on Vollwert Records.

Can we hear some? You can have a listen to the full demo below (please bear in mind that the vocals on this are very rough – just guide vocals that we recorded in one go – so forgive us if they get quieter and louder or out of tune!!):

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