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Here it comes….

So this is a mixed (but unmastered) version of the first songs from the album. The rest will be along shortly and the album will be out soon on pink vinyl and download. Please feel free to share this as much as you want, but remember it’s not the finished version yet.

There is a little story to both of the songs (it is really two songs, rather than one on two parts.) I won’t tell you the first yet, but the second one is all about last spring. Some of you were there at the time. I organised Read and Shout, which was basically a big indiepop gig in the library. I managed to wangle Jens Lekman over to play. The night he got here was a bit odd to say the least, but very very special. Me and Hannah went to meet him from the train at Paddington (after he’d flown in) and we went for real ale and veggie burgers at a local pub. Within ten minutes of being there Jens’ phone and wallet were stolen. We spent some of the night in a police station talking about the Smiths. Afterwards we jumped in a black cab (very Jens) and went up to a deserted industrial area where Jens played a secret concert in an art studio to 30 ecstatic fans. It was wonderful and one of the best nights of my life. The next day was Read and Shout, which was just as good and then my first ever indietracks. That spring was one of the best times of my life and I’ll be forever grateful to all you lot that were part of it.

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