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Keyboards and pretty things

Thursday night saw both Banana & Louie in the studio for the first time in a little while. We were mostly recording keyboard parts, whuch was amazing fun because Louie got to play around on a Moog. I didn’t realise how many lovely sounds a Moog could make. Maybe we’ve been spending too much time on the micro-Korg. Louie has a near infinite amount of sounds on there, but I always ask for the same two; B55 (Hammond Organ pretty much) and A54 (wobbly synth strings). I did a wee bit of ukulele too and we put down some glockenspiel.

Since we’re nearly there I’ve started designing sleeves and all that malarky. We can’t quite decide in a title. We were going to call it Themes from Alphabet Soup after one of the songs and all the little connecting bits, but now I’m starting to think about calling it Songs for Ditchling, as a kind of donning of the cap to the amazing Peter Howell and all the work he did with Agincourt, Ithaca, Friends etc. If you’ve not heard of him you should look up his music. It really is incredible.

More sessions in a couple of weeks. I think we’ll have this thing done by April.

We’re planning an extra special launch concert where we play the whole thing with A Little Orchestra.

Exciting times!!


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