Exciting times!

Well, we’re pretty much there! And it is sounding lovely, I don’t mind saying!

We’ve finished recording all the parts – not just the orchestral parts but all the guitars, vocals, laud, glockenspiel, seligh bells, bass, moog…you get the picture! We’ve just got the mixing to finish now. It’s quite an epic job because most of the songs have heaps of different instruments on them, playing at different times, and lots of little parts. Not only that, but we have these miniature little pieces of piano and string between some of the songs. Simon at studio Klank has been doing a sterling job mixing though. One track, the first off the album, Hero of the Home Counties is fully mixed. I don’t mind telling you it sounds gorgeous. It’s a song I’ve been meaning to record properly for some time, but it never quite worked out how I wanted it. It was missing the string and flute parts which now make it sound so pretty. It sets the album up well because it has themes in it that recur throughout the album and it uses both strings and woodwind. I’ll post some samples up here soon.

In other exciting news, not only will you be able to hear the completed album soon, you’ll also be able to see it performed LIVE at a venue near you (well if you live in London!) We’re just setting up a launch concert with A Little Orchestra and also featuring Simon and Jona from Studio Klank who play various instruments on the album. More on this soon!

See you soon,


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