Over the (good) hump!

This weekend was just brilliant. I spent pretty much the entire weekend in Studio Klank with Simon and Jona, as well as various members of A Little Orchestra in Wood Green. We pretty much finished putting all the strings down (just a few remaining cello and harp parts to go) and finished woodwind. It was a real joy to record. Nat brought us in a smorgasboard of snacks to keep us going, and between her, Jona and myself we managed to ensure we had about 10 litres of milk to keep the teas and coffees full.

I’m so indebted to ALO, especially Kenny and Nat. Their parts sound magic. My favourite one to work on this weekend wasa song called Alphabet Soup. It’s a song about so desperately looking for the meaning of life that you resort to a can of Alphabet Soup for the answers. More importantly, it sounds fucking brilliant!! It features some lovely staccato strings, bouncy piano, clarinet and flutes. There’s some nice ukulele too and Jona polished it off with a great bassline. It’s basically the music I always wanted to make..something between Pet Sounds and Forever Breathes the Lonely Word.

It feels like we’re completely over the hump now (in a good way – not that there was a bad hump.) You know how in a working week wednesday is the hump day? (My friend Andrew O’Brien coined the term.) Before wednesday it’s the start of the week, after wednesday it’s the end of the week. Well this weekend felt like a wednesday. We’re looking towards the finish now, rather than just setting out.

I can’t tell you how proud of it I already am. I feel like we’re finally making the record I always wanted to. I can’t wait for you all to hear. Hopefully we”ll have it finished by April. We might do a free download single so you know what it sounds like, and then it’ll come out on Vollwert Records-Berlin. Thanks to Werner for having faith in us!

Ooh, nearly forgot to mention. Please come see us perform a couple of tracks live with A Little Orchestra. You can have fun guessing which of us is banana and which is louie. The venue has changed now – it’ll be at the Buffalo Bar on 26th January. There will be some lovely sets with ALO  from some of our favourite bands too, as well as some amazing ALO pieces. It’d be lovely to see you there. Who’ll buy me a chocolate orange vodka?

Love banana and/or louie.x


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